Monday, December 8, 2008

CC's Mind Not Made Up

It's been almost two months since the last time CC Sabathia pitched for the Brewers, but according to this report, there remains a slim chance that Milwaukee will be able to sign the coveted free agent.

It's clearly not all about the money for CC - if that was the case, he would've signed the Yankee's $140 million offer. But it's also still early in the free agent season, and being the biggest prize this off-season, I'm sure CC and his people are going to take their time in making a decision.

What are the chances we see Sabathia back in a Milwaukee uniform next year? I'd say about 5%. I'm still convinced that he'll end up somewhere in California. It's nice to dream though.


Thos. Sense said...

CC has met with the Yankees three times. Third time's a charm?

tS said...

Looks like it was! Yet another example to put in the column "Never underestimate the power of money"...I'm still a little surprised though, because I really thought the draw of playing in California (and getting lots of at-bats) would lead CC out west. Perhaps no CA team showed enough ($$$) interest.

Anonymous said...

This sucks. I see the crew might make an offer to Randy Johnson and Trevor Hoffman. We can open an AARP booth in the trainer's room while we're at it.

Anonymous said...

At least it looks like Cameron and Hall will both be gone.