Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm calling it quits...at least for the next 4 months.

As I watch the blank spaces on my 2009 calendar quickly become not so blank, it becomes quite clear that I will have very little free time this semester. I have more responsibilities with my job and more extracurricular commitments than I did a year ago, and I know that if I were to attempt to sustain this blog, whatever quality it once had would sharply decrease.

Thanks to everyone who ever stopped by, especially those that stopped by more than a few times and the few that even provided some content.


Anonymous said...

You'll be back. Probably sooner then you think. Good bloggers don't die. They just get more focused.

BS said...

don't leave us!!!

Thos. Sense said...

Via con Dios, muchacho.

Anonymous said...

How about weekly thesis updates?

joey wisneski said...


Fine, then...I'm starting my OWN blog.